Saturday, September 26, 2020

Episode 27 - Terminal Lucidity, Deathbed Visions and More with Dr Marilyn Mendoza

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Dr Marilyn Mendoza is a clinical psychotherapist in practice for the past 30 years specialising in bereavement. She works in the department of psychiatry at Tulane University Medical Centre and has authored the well loved book "We Do not Die Alone", as well as her continued articles on her Psychology Today Blog, "Understanding Grief".

Here we discuss the properties and relevance of Deathbed Visions, Terminal Lucidity and a few other phenomena and experiences, and what it means in understanding the process of death and what comes after.

We Do Not Die Alone

Psychology Today Blog: Understanding Grief.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Episode 26 - Matthew Forrest's Theory of Everything Part 1

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Due to the depth and length of this discussion I had with author and entrepreneur Matthew Forrest, I have broken it up into multiple 15-20 minute segments. We look at the nature of the universe, the nature of reality and the nature of conscious altogether to from Matt's Big Theory of Everything which he believes himself will be of great benefit to modern science, comparable to discoveries made by Einstein, Bohm and Tesla. Therefore, these episodes with Matt are certainly worth a listen and a share among friends and communities of similar interests.

You can find Matt's books and websites below:

The Meaning of Life by M.H.Forrest

Off Grid Entrepreneur Facebook Page

ITZA Global

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Episode 25 - Explaining the Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience with Dr G.M Woerlee

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Dr Gerald Woerlee (G.M Woerlee) is a prominent skeptic of the Near Death Experience phenomena and other apparently paranormal experiences recorded both inside and outside of medical literature. He is perhaps the world's most well known critic to the famous Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience, the Denture's Man Case and others, about which he has studied and written on extensively at his website

He has also written several books including his most recent 'Anesthesia and the Soul' which can be found at

A professional anesthesiologist for many years, Dr Woerlee certainly is very well versed in the physiology of the human brain and body in general, and strongly believes that most if not all NDEs and other apparently paranormal phenomena can be explained satisfactorily by physical means.

In this first part, we discuss the Pam Reynolds Case and one other case which both include an aspect coined by Dr Jan Holden as 'Apparently non-physical Veridical Perception' (AVP), the peculiar occurence where individuals experience an out of body state in which they are apparently able to give verifiable information they would be unable to perceive in their current physical state, and which are used as evidence to suggest that there can be a separation of brain and mind, or brain and consciousness. Dr Woerlee denies that these cases, and all others he has seen and heard of, do in fact give reasonable evidence of this and goes on to explain why and how they can be explained by brain physiology and body function alone.

Episode 66 - Dr Melvin Morse on Child NDEs, Remote Viewing and his Regretted Past Conviction

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