Sunday, July 25, 2021

Episode 52 - My Story Updated

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This is my story, updated from the original episode 1 of the podcast.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

A Short Experience of the Law of Attraction by PandaProducts

Written by PandaProducts

Joseph Alai always stood out to me amongst the law of attraction/law of assumption YouTubers. He provided clear, practical techniques concerned with producing systematic results in the area of manifestation. No platitudes, nothing you would consider 'woo-woo'.

As a naturally rationally inclined thinker (this is not to say that other types of thinking are inferior, I believe that intuition can have as much epistemic value as rationality), I chalked down most instances of what would be considered manifestation to human cognitive biases. I acknowledged that real manifestation in some way probably existed (due to being an analytic idealist), but it was likely rare.

However, there was no shame in trying to apply the given methods. If nothing comes out of it, I wouldn't have lost anything, and if SOMETHING does, a whole new magical perspective on the world would be available to me.

 I wrote down my list non-chalantly, consisting of 3 items. That I would receive a message from a friend who NEVER reaches out first/initiates a conversation and that I would receive a free cup of coffee. For extra measure, I added in that the number 333 would make itself painfully visible to me in my everyday life. I continued with my life as usual, having forgotten about the list.

Within 2 days, I receive a message from that friend at 10 AM saying hello. That was a bit shocking, but I chalked it up to coincidence. Then, I went to a family gathering and was taken to a cafe where my cousin had paid for a cup of coffee he had ordered for me. Somewhat odd that these two things happened on the same day, but I didn't realize it for I forgot that I wrote about the coffee on the list. Only when driving back home and spotting a pattern of 333s across the billboards did my mind go back to the list. I opened my phone and said to myself 'wouldn't it be funny if the thing that tracks my steps on the homepage was also a 333?'.

 It was. My mind was blown wide open by this realization that I may have caused these events to happen through writing them down on the list. It was hard to attribute these incidences to a cognitive bias or anything of the sort.

 Either an extraordinarily statistically unlikely series of events unfolded all at once, or external reality is susceptible to my private mentation. This was the conclusion I was forced to come to grips with.

 I do not make any rigidly strong claims on what to make of this, for I am still seeking. 


Joseph Alai's Video on Manifestation:


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