Saturday, January 15, 2022

IANDS/Seeking I Spring Symposium 2022

If you recall, in early 2021, Seeking I hosted a series of 3 online video meetings in the Seeking I Research Forum, which included presentations and Q&As with some of the leading researchers in various phenomena. This year I had planned to do something very similar, but to focus more on a wider variety of fields on the subject of the mind/brain relationship, and the evicdence that suggests consciousness may be a non-local phenomenon.

IANDS, who last year began hosting Spring Symposia, approached me suggesting that instead of making this a purely Seeking I event, we instead collaborate to turn this year's Seeking I Research Forum into the IANDS Spring Symposium 2022.

The website to sign up for the Symposium is now available at OR you can register directly here.


Is the human mind a product of the brain, or is mind essentially independent of the brain although closely associated with it during physical existence?

Several phenomena point to an answer to this question, including psi phenomena, near-death experiences, shared-death experiences, terminal lucidity, after-death communication, mediumship, and past-life memories. Each of these phenomena has been extensively researched.

What if you could hear a foremost leading researcher on each phenomenon "cut to the chase" with a concise summary of what research has revealed, and hear practitioners share direct experiences that illustrate the findings from that research?

This is exactly what you will be able to do at this Symposium!

In the first two half days, you'll hear empirical evidence pertaining to the mind-brain question. In the third and final half day, you'll hear from practitioners disucssing their experiences pertaining to that question.

Days 1 and 2 - Experts: Experts and researchers in near-death experiences (NDEs), psi phenomena, past-life memories, shared-death experiences, terminal lucidity, evidential mediumship, veridical after-death communication (ADC), neurological evidence, and philosophical considerations.

Day 3 - Experiencers and practitioners: physician NDErs, an evidential medium, induced ADC therapists, and out-of-body/astral projection experiencers.

Hosts and Moderators

Dr Janice M. Holden, EdD - President of IANDS (The International Association for Near-Death Studies)

Darren McEnaney - Founder of Seeking I - Life After Death and Consciousness Research for Open Minds.


Speakers (subject to change)

Days 1 and 2 

Dr Bernardo Kastrup, PhD - Philosopher of Mind

Dr Julie Beishcel, PhD - Mediumship Researcher

Dr Bruce Greyson, MD - NDE Researcher

Dr Chris Roe, PhD - Researcher of Veridical After-Death Communication

Robert G. Mays, BSc & Suzanne B. Mays, AAS - NDE Researchers

Dr Michael Nahm, PhD - Researcher of Terminal Lucidity

William Peters, MEd - Researcher of Shared-Death Experiences

Dr Charles T. Tart, PhD - Researcher of PSI Phenomena

Dr Jim B. Tucker, MD - Researcher of Past-Life Memories

Dr Marjorie Woollacott, PhD - Researcher of the Neurophysiology of the Mind/Brain question.

Day 3

Graham Maxey, MA - Practitioner of IADC (Induced After-Death Communication Therapy)

Dr Noelle St. Germain-Sehr, PhD - Practitioner of IADC (Induced After-Death Communication Therapy)

Jurgen Ziewe - Out of Body Experiencer

Dr Luis Minero, PhD - Out of Body Experiencer

Suzanne Giesemann - Spiritual Medium 

Dr Eben Alexander, MD - Physician NDE Experiencer

Dr Bettina Peyton, MD - Physician NDE Experiencer


Schedules can be found at:


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