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Episode 19 - A Scientist's Spiritual Experience with Jeff Hall Part 1

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In this episode I speak with Jeff Hall, a former research scientist, about his after-death communication experience with his father, and how it lead him into researching the nature of consciousness to try to explain how his experience was possible. Jeff is now a trainer of the Alexander Technique, a method which uses relaxation and removal of tension to ease various strain based issues. 

This episode is the first part of a 3 hour discussion between myself and Jeff, so please keep an eye out for the continued dialogue in the near future.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Episode 18 - A New Theory of Gravity Part 2 with Rex Finfgeld

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After a long time I finally managed to catch up with Rex Finfgeld regarding his ideas on the workings of gravity and the nature of consciousness. In this discussion we review and expand upon some aspects mentioned in part 1, which can be found here.

Part 3 will consist of a live presentation by Rex to give a comprehensive, visual representation of his ideas. Please visit and join our Facebook group here to keep updated as to when this presentation will be given.

Episode 17 - Eben Alexander on his NDE, What it Taught him, and the Esquire Article

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Dr Eben Alexander is perhaps the world's most well-known Near Death Experiencer. As a Harvard trained Neurosurgeon, his story of travelling to another world during a week-long coma during caused by a very rare e-coli bacterial meningitis, noted in his first of 3 books Proof of Heaven touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide. His vast credentials caused a huge stir in the community and triggered a lot of support from proponents of the reality of the Near Death Experience, and a lot of backlash from the skeptical movement.

Perhaps the most notorious documents in opposition to Dr Alexander's experience is an article published in Esquire. In this article, Dr Alexander's credibility is called into question, by looking at the alleged legal issues and lawsuits he faced during his practice in Neurosurgery, and some apparent flaws in his story which don't seem to match the actual events. We talk about this article later on in the discussion, as well as the article published by the International Association for Near Death Studies which also highlights the issues with the Esquire document by Robert and Susanne Mays. I would encourage readers to look at both articles to gather a fair assessment, and to listen to Dr Alexander's rebuttal to the Esquire publication.

Since his Near Death Experience, Dr Alexander has completely shifted from a hard materialism-based worldview to one of a very spiritual nature, a shift which took a very long time indeed. As his own worst enemy, Dr Alexander kept doubting his experience and trying to find a physiological explanation explanation for what he encountered, however ultimately could not do so, given his deep understanding of the brain and it's correlations with consciousness. Eventually, he had to conclude that his experience of 'heaven' was indeed a real, indeed a hyper-real experience that could not be explained by any physical means. This discovery lead to many life changing explorations of meditation and other spiritual practices which Dr Alexander now talks about and shares in his several different projects.

You can find Dr Alexander and his various projects below:

Eben Alexander Website
Sacred Acoustics
Inner Sanctum

Read more on the Near Death Experience

Episode 16 - The Self Does not Die, Near Death Experience and more with Titus Rivas

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Titus Rivas, MA, MSc, is co-author along with Rudolf H Smit and Anny Dirven of the IANDS Publication: The Self Does Not Die: Verified Paranormal Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences.

The English version of this book (the one discussed in this episode) consists of more than 100 cases of Near Death Experiences which include strict standards of third party verification. In other words, all the accounts within this book include veridical perception (people seeing/hearing things that can be verified as accurate) whilst in an out of body state during a Near Death Experience.

When we think of the NDE, our mind often jumps to cases such as Pam Reynolds, Eben Alexander, Maria's Shoe and the Dentures Man, however despite popular opinion there are, as shown by this publication, many many more examples which can be considered just as fascinating. Third party verification of out of body perception is critical to the credibility of any case as this provides us with strong evidence that indeed perception of the objective world is available from a point of view external to the physical body, more so when these perceptions are of events and objects which are outside the range of possible physical identification (ie, outside the immediate location, or at an angle at which the eyes would not be able to see). The third parties included in The Self Does Not Die include friends and relatives of experiencers, and the medical professionals who dealt with them during the accident or procedure that triggered the NDE.

Some of the most interesting cases include those which take place during cardiac arrest (when the heart is not pumping), as during these times it is greatly understood what the brain is doing. Within 2 - 20 seconds of the heart stopping, the brain Flatlines on the EEG (Electroencephalogram, which measures cortical brain activity), and yet during this time it appears that conscious experience is being recorded. This should not be possible according to our current understanding of Neuroscience and can only be explained by assuming that the experience takes place as the brain shuts down or as it reboots and not, as it seems, while it is offline altogether. However many cases within this book include third party verified out of body perception of events that took place while the EEG remained flat (ie during a time in which conscious perception should not take place). Many "natural" (physical) theories have been presented by researchers to explain how neural processes can account for such cases, and we look at some of these during this interview. The Self Does Not Die provides an overview of some of these explanations and why they do not fully fit the data in Chapter 10 of the book.

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Episode 15 - The Galileo Commission Report with Professor Harald Walach

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I previously had a discussion with David Lorimer regarding the Galileo Commission Report, and he very kindly put me in contact with the author of the report, Professor Harald Walach. Professor Walach is a researcher in the interface between medicine, psychology and consciousness studies and holds a double PhD in Clinical Psychology, and History and Theory of Science (Source: https://www.galileocommission.org/harald-walach).

In this discussion we talk more about the Galileo Commission Report, Professor Walach's important document which outlines the nature of the current dominant scientific paradigm, the assumptions it takes for granted as truth, and the limitations of such assumptions. We start by touching on the Near Death Experience and other anomalous experiences, and the relevance of these from an ontological point of view (a term Dr Walach kindly defined for me), before moving on to the report itself and why it is so important.

Note: Around the 19:20 mark, I ask Professor Walach to clarify a part of the document which I struggled to understand. For those listening to the audio only, this refers to the below page which describes Professor Walach's model of entanglement within non local systems. This page is shown below:

Galileo Report Page

Episode 14 - Towards a New Model of Science with David Lorimer

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David Lorimer (MA, PGCE, FRSA), currently serving as Program Director for the Scientific and Medical Network, joins me to discuss the current position and desired future expansion of the scientific method and the assumptions it makes. This episode focuses mainly on a document authored by Professor Harald Walach entitled The Galileo Commission Report: Beyond a Materialist Worldview Towards an Expanded Science. For anybody interested in discovering how science deals with anomalous experiences such as psi experiences, near death experiences, out of body experiences, remote viewing and others, and why these topics need to be taken seriously as real and statistically significant phenomena, I strongly recommend that you visit the Galileo Commission website where you can order or download for free the full or summary version of the report.

Episode 13 - Science, Skepticism and Beyond with Alex Tsakiris (Skeptiko)

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Alex Tskarais, host of the very popular podcast "Skeptiko", joins me for a discussion on current science, skepticism, and how it assists and limits the human endeavor of discovering what life and consciousness is all about. We begin by looking at the mainstream materialistic worldview of the majority of the sciences, and the skepticism that arises when subjects such as Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Apparently non-physical Veridical Perception and others are presented. Do we collectively underestimate the potential that these experiences may have on furthering our understanding of reality, and should we look beyond our current means and methods of measuring and valuing the data? We then move on to what it means not only to investigate such experiences, but to personally encounter them and how this pushes us beyond science and skepticism into a state far removed from the reach of the majority into the realms of the ascended masters and spiritually evolved individuals. How do we achieve such a state? How do we move past the doubt that we put on the reality adn relevance of our own experiences, and how will this shape the remainder of our lives?

Episode 12 - Material Possibilities for Anomalous Experiences with Tom Jump

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I have not as of yet had the opportunity to speak with somebody more skeptically minded about the phenomena previously explored in the Life Exploration Podcast: Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences etc. Not for the want of trying, I have contacted many people in the skeptical community with no luck. However Tom from the YouTube channel TJump kindly agreed to chat with me regarding his interpretation of the evidences available for these phenomena. I appreciate Tom's approach to the discussion which certainly was far beyond many "debates" I have seen on similar topics in terms of open-mindedness and civility. Be sure to take a look at Tom's other debates and discussions on his channel.

Episode 11 - Studying Veridical Out of Body Perception with Dr Janice Holden

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Dr Janice M Holden is one of the most recognised and respected reserachers of Near Death Experiences and veridical perception in altered states of consciousness. She has co-authored such works on the subject as The Handbook of Near Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation and has been involved in the publication and recommendation of The Self Does not Die: Verified Paranormal Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences

I had the pleasure of speaking with her about her research and that of others. There have been many accounts of verified visual and audio perception of those in a state of clinical death during which consciousness is assumed impossible, and certainly should not be present at a level of awareness above that of general wakefulness. Such discussed cases includes the famous Pam Reynolds Case, a case in which an individual was able to report an amputated foot put into a yellow bag in a room other than the place of their own operation, and others!

Episode 10 - Witnessing the Death Experience with Becki Hawkins

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The death process is something we will all face sooner or later. The question is, is the death process frightening, peaceful, pleasant or unpleasant? Becki Hawkins, a retired palliative care nurse has been at the side of many of have undergone the process and their experiences have changed her life. Indeed, their experiences have changed the lives of many people. In this episode, I speak with Becki to discuss what she has witnessed and what the dying have taught her about life, death and beyond.

Episode 9 - How Mediumship Works with Marie Hayes

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Mediumship is a subject held under much scrutiny and disdain by the scientific community, and by the general population. Practitioners are seen as cold reading charlatans who feed off the gullible and vulnerable. Many individuals who visit a medium certainly seem very convinced in their legitimacy, although many argue that this is due to an unconscious bias we have to recognise and remember "hits" (information which makes sense to us) and forget "misses" (information which does not). It is certain that misses do occur frequently which leads many to conclude that practitioners are using techniques such as hot and cold reading to evaluation client reactions and expressions to hone in on likely facts about them. Is this the case? Or is it simply that the process of mediumship is simply misunderstood. I had a session with Marie Hayes at Marie and Spirit. My full review of the session can be found here, however to break it down there were certainly many misses during the time which I took note of, however there were also many hits which seemed extremely specific and unlikely to be the result of cold reading. I had taken hot reading off the cards by revealing no information about myself prior to meeting Marie. If you know me well enough by now you should be aware that I am highly intelligent (with full attempt to not sound narcissistic) and am not likely to be fooled by the traditional tricks of the frauds. The fact that I am writing a book is unusual for someone of my age, and Marie's successful "assumption" that this is the case adds strong credence to her ability. Overall, I was very impressed with our session and came away more convinced that she has a connection to something beyond the physical than I was convinced that she was a fraud or simply deluded.

In this episode of the Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast I chat with Marie a couple of months after our session, and discuss how the process of mediumship works.

Episode 8 - On Assertiveness

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Being assertive can be harder than you may think. Especially if you live with social anxiety or a weak self image. I received a request to talk a bit about this subject in the Life Exploration Podcast, so this is the topic for episode 8. This is also the first episode to feature a full video counterpart, so please feel free to head over to YouTube to view that version. Assertiveness is very closely linked to a person's state of mind, so being able to become more assertive generally means adjusting or even resetting your mind to enable you to do so. Many CBT counselling programs will tell you this, however my take is a little different. Besides aspiring to change the mind, I think it's more effective to simply understand the way the mind is right now, and be able to operate above it, and in despite of it.

If you have any suggestions or requests for subjects of discussion in a podcast episode, please email me here or leave a comment on the counterpart YouTube video!

Episode 7 - On Positive Thinking

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Positive thinking is a process peddled by many practitioners of therapies of the mind, most commonly CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). We can find many videos, books and tutorials around the world teaching us how to use a positive state of mind to improve our quality of life and productivity. Many of these are designed to rush you into thinking more positively to help you benefit from lessened anxiety over situations you face, which is certainly a very beneficial skill if you can learn it. However, in order to expand this capability to serve  a life-long period of time, it is important that we understand what positive thinking can indeed do, but also where its limitations sit. If used incorrectly, forced positive thought can be detrimental to us rather than beneficial, and despite many sources telling you otherwise, it is not possible nor healthy to deny or avoid negative thoughts. The difference is understanding how to approach negative situations but not allow them to leave a permanent scar on our minds.

In this episode, I talk about my beliefs and my experience in the subject of positive thinking from my many years undergoing CBT and studying my own life day by day, watching my mind at work.

Episode 6 - More Dream Visitations with Joe Carpenter

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A Critical Look at Joe's Dream Visitations

This is the blog post counterpart to Episode 6 of The Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast. If you haven't yet listened to this or watched the video version on YouTube, you can either do that first, or listen as you are reading this to help analyse each part as we go through. Joe kindly agreed to allow me to look very critically at his experiences in search for any non-paranormal explanations before jumping io conclusions. This is by no means a "debunking" or anything of that nature, but instead a very open minded but critical thinking approach. I will go through each of Joe's experiences below, however if I miss anything or you have any useful points to mention or suggestions to add, please feel free to comment on this post or drop me an email.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Joe’s claims. Be warned! It's a long one.

Joe's Visit with his Mother - 00:18

The first thing Joe mentions is the fact that this "dream" seemed to last much longer than other dreams he has had. There could be a few reasons to this: A) As he claims, this was a spiritual experience in which he visited his mother and as such took place in a place of "timelessness" as often described, B) This was a typical dream during which the REM state lasted longer than normal and so Joe perceived that indeed the dream lasted longer, C) This was a typical dream but much more vivid or indeed a lucid dream and so more memory of it was retained giving the illusion that it lasted longer as opposed to common dreams in which most aspects are forgotten and therefore seem short lived. Any option to me is equally possible.

The light tunnel is a phenomenon often associated with Near Death Experiences and have been attributed to a non physical gateway leading to another state of existence, heaven, hell, the afterlife etc. Another explanation is that due to lack of oxygen or Hypoxia, the light receptors in our eyes effectively stop working as they should and bring for the illusion of light. Add this to the experience of Vasovagal Syncope which is known to cause tunnel vision prior to loss of consciousness (and something I have experienced a few times in my life), also caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain and you have a mixture which could cause a tunnel of light illusion. However, the main thing to note and I'm sure many have recognised by this point, Joe was not close to death and presumably had more than enough oxygen reaching his brain (unless for whatever reason he stopped breathing for a few seconds during the "dream"). Of course, during dreams we can simulate just about anything, so a tunnel of light is certainly achievable to our imaginations, even alongside the feeling of fast movement. So whether this experience was a real movement of consciousness to another "dimension/realm etc" or simply a dream hallucination is completely undecided at this point. Being completely calm during such movement however seems an unusual experience for a mind to simulate, especially at speed comparable to the speed of light. To me, if I was moving at this speed my brain would be flooding me with adrenaline and a cocktail of other chemicals to make me feel like I was about to die at any second! An anxiety response would be assumed, even in the dream state. Of course, perhaps this was just an unusual response or Joe's mind was used to such occurrences during previous dreams, but I think it's an extra detail to bear in mind.

Now he mentions that he instinctively knew that he was going to visit his mother. Regardless of how long ago his mother had passed away we can assume that her memory is deeply embedded in his subconscious as it would be for anybody. So after an experience of travelling down a tunnel, the mind may jump to the assumption that we are visiting perhaps the most important person who passed away, and I'm sure one of the most desired people to see. This could then pave the way to the expected experience being simulated in the dream as of course our mind and our expectations generally can create the environment in such a state, most notably so in lucid dreaming. Joe then goes on to say that his mother appeared to him in a place resembling her old kitchen whilst wearing a gown of light. It is often reported that dream visitations from spirits take place in familiar locations to confirm identity, and they are often seen wearing white or light-based garments so this is nothing unusual compared to many spiritual experiences. The question of course is did the setting arise from Joe's subconscious memory of his mother's kitchen as opposed to actually travelling to it, and did Joe's mother actually appear to him or was it all in his imagination. Equally, if it was in his own imagination, does this make the experience any less "real"? Here I quote Albus Dumbledor: "Of course it's happening inside your head Harry! Why should that mean... it's not real?"

Again we come to telepathic communication. But essentially, if we were to simulate communication purely in our minds, why go for telepathic communication over what we use every day of our lives, speech? It seems unlikely to me that a simple dream of 100% fictitious nature would decide to opt for telepathy over such a common method of communication. Of course, it's possible that Joe's previous experiences and dreams of spiritual nature influenced this as expectation that in this situation telepathy was previously used, but I'm not so sure.

Just before she died, Joe asked her to come and see him. This could mean that either this visitation is evidence that deceased people can indeed visit us during sleep and can do so willingly, or evidence that we can create dreams through expectation of such an event to occur. In other words, Joe had the experience because he knew his mother had promised to come visit him, and his mind created just that for him in a dream. I believe however, although not certain, that this experience took place a reasonable amount of time after her actual death, so one would think that such a visitation through mind simulation would occur at the peak of grief, just after her death, perhaps even that night? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Find my analysis of Joe's experience with his Grandmother here.

I find it interesting that Joe saw a group of souls waiting to become human, and indeed creatures of places other than Earth as this is something that I was always curious about after reading about such things in Michael Newton's books (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls), which showcase several transcripts of life between lives hypnotherapy sessions, the majority of which give very similar or equal information. Perhaps Joe has read the books or heard similar things from other sources and his mind has incorporated these factors into his dreams? Again it's possible but it seems a bit of a stretch, and certainly unfair to assume without knowing.

Joe then finds himself in his mother's kitchen with his wife and his father. On questioning why his mother brought them along, she stated that she didn't bring them, he did for his own comfort. I believe at this time his father and wife are both alive and well, so it's unusual that they should appear in "spirit" if indeed this was the case. However it is well established in many spiritual beliefs and experiences that a large part of our being remain in the spirit form during incarnations on Earth, and are accessible in heightened states of awareness by our intention. In other words, when in the spirit form we can send for anybody we like just by thinking about them. Therefore, to me it makes sense that they may join Joe in this place, however I fail to see why he would need comfort from living people when in the presence of his mother. So perhaps this adds credence to the possibility that this whole experience was created within Joe's mind, and the appearance of his wife and father were simply random recycling of gathered sensory information.Or just as likely and certainly true, I don't know the full context of what took place and perhaps there was great significance in both people accompanying him at that time. Of course on recognizing the same question in his experience, Joe simply "waved his hand" and they vanished. Again, this is entirely possible in the current understood science of the spirit world (whether real or not) when dealing with the power and effect of intention.

We are now a little under half way through the discussion, I'm sorry it's a long one!

Joe's Back Pain Phenomenon - 11:05

During the above experience, Joe's mother asks him how his back pain is doing, following his surgery and return to work as a diesel mechanic. She then grew to a large size and followed her arm down Joe's back stating that he won't have problems once we wakes up. He then travels very quickly back through the tunnel at such a speed that he fears that on reintegration with his body he's going to have a very tough landing. At this point, he recognizing his previous perception of falling during sleep as his soul reconnecting with his body. As to whether this is the case or simply previous experiences of hypnogogic jerks is unclear. However on this occasion this feeling of falling did not take place and he did in fact simply wake up peacefully as normal.

On waking up, Joe is overwhelmed with awe that he just had this experience with his mother as he goes to the bathroom before going back to sleep at 5:00am. He wakes up again shortly after and gets ready to go to work at 6:00am. However as he does this he very suddenly halts with the realisation that for the first time in a while he has no pain in his back, and feels as if his body is being flooded with electrical energy (sans the pain of course). Now, if this is indeed accurate it begs the question, how can a physical ailment which has caused huge disruption for a while suddenly repair itself overnight, and why after a dream-like experience in which his dead mother runs her hand down his back claiming that the pain will disappear once he wakes up. A very sudden physical repair of such an ailment overnight already seems incredibly unlikely, and adding a coincidence of a related dream the night before begins to really leave the realms of credibility as a purely natural (physically natural) occurrence. In other words, if the account is accurate, to me this is strong evidence that indeed something objective took place during Joe's "dream". It is widely believed that we have an energy body which has direct influence over our physical body, but exists at a more subtle state. It goes by many sames such as the subtle body, energy body, spirit body, astral body etc with variations in understanding between individuals. To me, Joe's claim sounds like his mother (now of course in pure energy body/spirit body form) added or repaired energy into Joe's energy body which ultimately improved his experience in the physical. The mechanics of how this can be possible from a scientific point of view is unclear as we as of yet have no means to measure the energy body, and indeed it's existence is very highly questioned in current science.

Another example of miraculous healing such as this comes from Dr Penny Sartori during my discussion with her earlier this year.

You can find this discussion here.

Dr Sartori is a very highly respected researcher in the field of Near Death Experiences, having previously worked as an Intensive Care nurse in Swansea, Wales, and thus heard many accounts of Near Death Experiences from those very close to death.

Joe's sudden freedom from back pain lasted an estimated 4 years after the dream before returning, subsequently leading to more surgery later on. Joe's back situation is currently unknown but he certainly seems to be managing well!

Joe's Skeptic Friend's Account - 15:52

Any event which turns a skeptic into a believer of the paranormal always sparks my interest. Normally they are either selling a book or are all over the television/social media networks and so to me seem somewhat fraudulent or just out for fame and fortune. For most I'm sure this isn't the case, but one should always be careful when somebody is selling something related to their experiences JUST IN CASE.

As James Randi says "There is a distinct difference between having an open mind and having a hole in your head from which your brain leaks out."

So of course Joe's friend of a very long time was a non believer in anything paranormal in nature. A truck driver and business owner who I'm glad to hear is doing very well for himself. He and his father didn't have a particularly strong relationship, and it seemed that everything he did was never good enough for his father who was very critical of him. One Wednesday night Joe finds himself on a quad-bike like vehicle in what seems to be an Arizona desert-like environment following a group of people. He instantly recognises that he is much more lucid than in a standard dream and so begins to take notice. Arguably, this increase in notice could begin to form an argument that the following took place due to his expectation and active input from his now conscious mind on the dream state. That's perfectly acceptable and certainly possible, however it's what comes after the dream that begins to question this theory. For now the "dream" is as follows.

He spots a hill and knows instinctively that he must go up there, at the top of which he meets a man and a woman. As he states in normal dreams one sees other people as clearly as if physically awake, however in this instance he noticed that unusually he could not directly look at these individual although he knew they were there and had an idea of who they may be. The analogy he gave was it was as if talking to somebody while looking at their feet. He also gives his experience of a strange sensation that the woman reminded him of his friend's mother, even though he couldn't see her and knew nothing about her. This confused Joe as he was aware that his friend's mother was still physically alive. He is then given two visions as if through a virtual reality simulation of a pair of very specific bi-focal glasses which his friend's father often wore, and a red Porsche 911, a car which Joe is aware his friend's father used to own, although he's never seen it. This is now clearly Joe's friends father who gives him the message, "Tell my son, I am very proud of the man he has become today."

On asking who the woman with the friend's father is, Joe hears the phrase "20 years older," and nothing else.

Later visiting his friend, despite Joe's friend being incredibly skeptical and dismissive of anything paranormal, Joe continuously feels prompts from the father who is apparently encouraging him to give the message. He sends a text message that Thursday night, letting him know that he did indeed see his father. The following day, Joe receives a call from his friend, who earnestly asks if his father said anything, at which point Joe gives the message. As it happens, Joe's friend was thinking the previous Wednesday about his father and whether he was actually ever proud of him, and almost in tears he tells Joe that he has gone from total skeptic to 100% believer.

Now, a couple of things to consider here. It is clear that at some point in Joe's life and presumably many points, he would have seen his friend's father. Therefore it's not unreasonable that he would subconsciously associated bifocal glasses and a red Porsche 911 with him, a car Joe says he knew the man owned but never actually saw it. Most people know what one of these cars look like from video and image references so certainly it wouldn't be difficult for our minds to create an image of it, even if we've never actually seen one in real life. Generally I find this account to be the weakest, in terms of evidence, when taken alone as there seems to be little content which could not be reasonably considered coincidental. Of course, the one strange thing is the fact that the day prior to Joe giving the message, his friend was thinking about his father and wondering whether he was proud of him To me, it is certainly not unreasonable to assume that this guy would be thinking of this regularly, especially as he had a relationship with his father in which he felt he could never impress him. Perhaps then, Joe had only a lucid dream which happened to match one of the times in which his friend was thinking about his father? This is still a rather strong coincidence, but in my view not outside the realms of plausibility.


This has been a very long post, and I hope everything was clear and easy enough to digest. To me, when taking into consideration the accounts from the first part of Joe's story,  I see several pieces of evidence which currently seem to point to some kind of metaphysical origin to some, if not all, of Joe's experiences. Of course, this evidence is anecdotal in nature and as such will not be taken seriously by many, however to ignore it entirely and dismiss it as fantasy would be truly foolish. I would love to hear your comments on this analysis and on Joe's experiences. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post or drop me an email with your thoughts!


Episode 5 - A New Theory of Gravity with Rex Finfgeld Part 1

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The common perception of gravity is that it is an emergent phenomena resulting from the mass of matter. The higher the mass of an object, the higher the gravitational force toward it. It is gravity that keeps us on the surface of the Earth, and it is gravity that keeps us orbiting the sun. But what if this perception is incorrect, and in fact gravity is more fundamental to the universe than we currently believe?

In this episode I speak with Rex Finfgeld, a man who sees gravity this way as a result of information he perceives following his Near Death Experience many years ago. His theories have been presented to quantum physicists and theoretical physicists at conventions and individually, all cases of which have been received with great excitement from the listening scientists.

Listen to this new theory which offers answers to the true nature of the universe, how it started from the big bang, and where it is destined to go in the future.

This is part 1 of a continuing discussion on the subject with Rex.

Episode 4 - Is the Earth Flat?

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There are many conspiracy theories circulating the internet and the general population. The 9/11 inside job theory, the moon landing hoax theory, the Annunaki alien origins theory... but perhaps the most significant is that of the Flat Earth theory. Is the Earth round as we've been led to believe? Or is it in fact a flat plane, and we have been lied to by the powers that be?

In this episode I want to look at these questions not with the intent of belittling or debunking those of the opposite view to my own, but to look at both possibilities fairly, and with no bias.

Do you believe the Earth is flat or round? Let me know in the comments below this post and why!

Episode 3 - Dream Visitations from the Dead with Joe Carpenter Part 1

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A Critical Look at Joe's Dream Visitations

This is the blog post counterpart to Episode 3 of The Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast. If you haven't yet listened to this or watched the video version on YouTube, you can either do that first, or listen as you are reading this to help analyse each part as we go through. Joe kindly agreed to allow me to look very critically at his experiences in search for any non-paranormal explanations before jumping to conclusions. This is by no means a "debunking" or anything of that nature, but instead a very open minded but critical thinking approach. I will go through each of Joe's experiences below, however if I miss anything or you have any useful points to mention or suggestions to add, please feel free to comment on this post or drop me an email.

So without further ado, let's take a look at Joe's claims.

Grandmother Reading to Children - 01:30

Joe starts by mentioning that his mother's mother died in 1982, since when he started experiencing 'visitations' to and from her. When somebody we love dies, it is totally expected that we will dream of them and possibly of the incident and time of their death shortly after and possibly for an extended period of time depending on how close we were to them. This needn't occur during periods when we are actually thinking of them that day or that night, the mind is very much like an iceberg, the conscious mind being the small percentage that shows above water, and the subconscious mind being the unseen majority. In other words, dreams may arise of the person from your subconscious mind despite you not have been thinking of them. Just something to be aware of and taken into consideration.

He goes on to mention that he meets his grandmother in a 'glass house' (in quotations as this was Joe's attempt of describing an indescribable scene) reading to children. Many grandmother figures in society are often viewed as child-loving sweet old ladies who would often read to their grandchildren. Of course, this is not all grandmothers, many I'm sure are not at all this way and, having never met or heard much about Joe's, we can't assume that this was the case. Essentially this implies that if Joe's

grandmother was indeed the stereotypical sweet old lady, it can be assumed that one's mind would conjure up a familiar scene such as reading to children as described. He continues by stating that once he managed to get her attention, she told him to "Go back, don't come here". The reason is unclear currently, and we cannot make any conclusions as again I never met nor heard much about her from Joe. As for the glass house? No idea.

Joe tells that many times when he awakens from these 'visitations', he feels as if his body has dropped onto the bed from a height. This is a common experience I have myself had many times, known as a hypnagogic jerk. Essentially, it occurs when we are on the threshold of the waking state and the sleeping state, and results in a sudden spasm and feeling of falling which awakens us with a start. Does this mean that this is what caused Joe's experience? No, not at all, just one possibility. Many mystical experiences such as the out of body experience also experience such a feeling when the 'spirit re-enters the body'. It also seems worth mentioning that as Joe found it necessary to mention this point, we can assume that this rarely occurs at any other time other than after these visitations which certainly suggests that something unique about these 'dreams' is at play.

He eventually managed to communicate directly with his grandmother as he goes on to say, and let's us know that these experiences will be important in later examples.

Grandfather in Italy - 06:10

Having gone to bed as normal that night Joe finds himself in Italy. As his grandfather was from Sicily he instantly knew that he was going to meet him there. He does so and finds him tending his roses in an overgrown garden. Anybody who knows about Lucid Dreaming knows how influential the mind is when in that world. A thought can change the nature of reality and create anything it wants, or anything the subconscious mind wants as is more often the case. As Joe associates his environment to similar of that of Italy, he naturally makes the connection to his Grandfather and indeed there he is. Could this be an expectant mind creating the scenario within a semi-lucid or simply very vivid dreamscape?

His Grandfather was very much into his garden, and had a greenhouse full of flowers, plants and fruit trees, but especially was into his Roses, so it's not surprising that he was found tending these. Again, another possible connection Joe's mind made, associating his Grandfather to Roses and creating that scenario visually. However it is commonly mentioned that dream visitations do included deceased people doing something they were known to do so that a recognition can be easily established, so we must bear both possibilities in mind.

Now things begin to get interesting as the matter of communication comes into play. It is often told that those who have spiritual or paranormal experiences communicate telepathically. It is a form of 'speech' which means nothing can be misinterpreted or hidden, and is an extremely common occurrence within these events. Unless Joe was savvy to such phenomena before this experience, would it not make sense that his mind would create a simulation of normal speech? Why would it opt for an unnatural form such as telepathy? The mind is comprised of memories, and so to display something it has never experienced seems very unusual. Of course, it is not impossible, very strange things occur in dreams that don't follow the laws of nature, but simple things such as speech is not often substituted for something complex like telepathy. If we do have such dreams, often it is experienced as a voice inside the head, but Joe mentions that there was 'no doubt to what was being said' and was the first time he's ever experienced anything like it. So it seems that this telepathy involved more than simple voices in the head (such instances could still raise doubt to what the speaker means).

The concept of No Time is also a very commonly experienced phenomena during spiritual experiences. I have never witnessed such a state myself and so can only look at anecdotal accounts from others who unfortunately describe it as "indescribable'. Again, perhaps Joe had learned prior of such experiences and his mind generated this to fit the expectations? I can't say as I'm not sure if Joe has ever heard of this state before.

The Oil Burner - 09:25

I won't lay out the experience here as it would take too long, instead I will just look at the points, so please listen along to the podcast or listen first and then come back.

First of all, the bright light was not seen by the eyes. Again, in dream states we usually 'see' from the point of view of our eyes, however it's common to also have a camera-eye view from outside the body. This is another experience shared commonly within spiritual occurrences, especially during the out of body experience or astral projection. As our eyes aren't actually involved when we are asleep, it is understandable that we would not feel pain or blindness at any brightness of light in our minds, although we can simulate pain during these dreams. Have you ever had a dream where you've been injured and actually felt the pain?

Why does that room make Joe feel nervous? It could be that some 'bad energy' inhabits the room, but it's more likely to me that it was a place that just made him feel creeped out. You know the feeling, sometimes it just happens and our body remembers it, even after years of being away from it.

Now Joe says something very important, that these experiences are years apart from each other. This lessens the strength of evidence that these dreams occur recently after the death. If the dreams were to happen frequently over years, this is different, however Joe suggests that these are abnormal dreams with gaps of many years in between. In addition, the fact that both mentioned dreams with his Grandfather that happened years apart follow a very similar situation as opposed to just seeing him in various different random environments may suggest that there is some kind of structure involved rather than the general random nonsense the mind produces. Perhaps the first dream was so memorable that it influenced the next? But I don't see why if the dream was that influential it took years before another came to pass.

The main point of the experience, what about the furnace? It was originally an oil burner in the first dream but now it's a furnace, which is later validated by his mother telling him that it indeed was originally a furnace before it became and oil burner. Oil burners and furnaces are very similar devices so perhaps the mind just generated this instead, and the whole validation segment was nothing more than a coincidence. Weirder coincidences have occurred. But what about the unborn baby who was disposed of in it? Well, if we listen again, all that happened was that the grandfather pointed into the furnace, before Joe became too uncomfortable to continue. The link between it and the unborn baby was made by the mother and sister, and was not displayed in the dream other than the fact that there was a furnace in it. So perhaps to say that this was clearly a sign is a bit of a jump, it seems more than possible that a furnace coincidence plus putting 2 and 2 together gave false evidence of a sign.


The name of Joseph being given to the baby prior to its death is certainly interesting, but Joseph has always been a common name so to me this is nothing phenomenal. As to whether this indicates a reincarnation I would say not so personally, but again we don't know. But now we have 2 coincidences to play with, the furnace and the name Joseph. Add this to the apparent continued structure of 2 dreams years apart from each other and we start to question whether the mind was 100% involved in fabricating the scenes.

The Brickyard - 18:43

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of unusual occurrences in this experience which suggests anything paranormal, but we'll take a quick look at it. So Joe meets his uncle who was previously a Mason in a brick yard. The red bricks he mentions that seem alive are certainly unusual but by no means outside the scope of the mind's capabilities, although the type of Red Joe describes as a colour he's never seen in this life does give something to think about. Unfortunately we can't think too much on this as it's another point that unfortunately can't be described reasonably in words. It is often said that loved ones come through to us in familiar situations, as with Joe's grandfather earlier, as a way of instantly identifying who they are or showing something they wish to convey. It is also a common thing for the message they would like you to give is "I'm happy". When we think of messages from the dead, this is generally the most common alongside "I love you", so whether this was a true visitation or not, there isn't really much solid data to suggest so.

The Medium - 24:10

There is really not much to be said here other than if true, it is certainly suggestive of some kind of paranormal capability. The God telephone I'm not so sure about and to me may indicate some kind of mental disturbance before indicating an actual communication between the woman and the divine, not that it's impossible, but for an unknown person to mention that Joe is already aware that his mother is not yet ready for her own judgement purely from random chance is incredibly unlikely. The only real way she could do this would be if somebody Joe told his experience to relayed it to her. Something which I don't believe happened, at least form Joe's knowledge. This is something very far from the usual mediumship nonsense quote such as 'she says she loves you', 'she says she's happy', 'she's always with you', and is instead very specific to an actual occurrence ie Joe's dream experience. It also happened as a result of a phone call from the number given in her book, and therefore not a pre-arranged meeting. I don't see therefore what kind of hot reading could have been done, and the information given certainly doesn't fit with known cold reading methods. We cannot know for certain that she was not tipped off about the information, or that she found it somewhere, but certainly it is a valid piece of evidence to be considered. Being told that you doubt yourself all the time is like being told you worry a lot, it's something common to almost everyone and so is a very general statement.


There is one more experience including Joe's mother in a shower robe of light, but this seems of little significance other than she finally had made it past her self-judgement and was cleansed, so I will end this write up here. Please feel free to listen to the rest of the podcast from here. So what's the conclusion on this first part of the discussion? Well, I would say that we can't conclude anything without knowing Joe's background, earlier experiences, and those of the people involved with the visitations. We can generalize and say that most of the dreams can be attributed to the mind's creations with a couple of added coincidences, and that there are certainly maybe one or two points that may suggest otherwise, but to do so means ignoring essential information about Joe and those deceased people he knew. Certainly the accounts are interesting and thought provoking, with several points that indeed do suggest a little more than 100% mind creations. If you are in the mindset that 'Anecdotal evidence is not evidence', I'm afraid I must disagree with you. In the field of dreams and dream visitations, what other types of evidence is there?

Episode 2 - On Relationships

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On the Nature of Relationships

 What does it mean to have a successful relationship? What is the goal? Is it to find a person to remain with for the rest of your life, is it to improve your own life, to improve each other's lives, or something else? From where I stand it depends on the individuals involved and their culture, background, ideologies etc. Therefore, it is difficult to highlight an "ideal" relationship scenario without taking a biased position from my own culture. However, my view on the subject is very simple: however the relationship is and by whatever nature it takes, all that should be aimed for is that everybody involved is happy.

Please enjoy this episode.

Episode 1 - My Story

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My Story

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast. I think it is important before jumping in deeply to some of the many subjects in this field, it is vital that you get to know me on a more personal level. Why would you want to listen to a complete stranger talking? At least if I can give a brief overview of myself and why I got involved with this kind of work, it will help make things a bit less ambiguous.

 Here I give a description of my rough experiences through school and through earlier life in general which led up to my interest in spirituality, science, life and consciousness and why discovering the truth of what happens beyond our death is so important to me. If anybody can relate to my experiences please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss it on a podcast episode or if you would like to write an article on it for the blog!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast - Introduction

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What I Hope to Offer

Welcome to Episode 0 of the Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast. This is a new project in which I hope to provide you with a free educational tool where we can discuss and explore a variety of life based subjects including science, consciousness, death, religion, spirituality and many more.

This podcast will be based on your input for subject matter for discussion Whether you would like to look at an experience you had, analyse an interesting article you found, or just discuss a topic that you would like to know more about.

Seeking I is a place where you can explore these subjects freely without ridicule and without judgement from a purely open minded skeptical point of view to help us all discover the truths of life and existence. No experience or belief is invalid and it is important to be able to share your own without the fear of being belittled or made to feel stupid, something that happens all too often online. So here I wish to give you the opportunity to do so with a friendly reception.

If you have any suggestions or requests for the next episode, please email me with your request here.

Thank you all for listening and here's to a successful Podcast!

Studying the Near Death Experience with Penny Sartori

Doctor Penny Sartori

If you have never heard of this fascinating lady before, Dr Penny Sartori is (in my opinion) one of the world's leading researchers into the phenomena of the Near Death Experience. Her research began after a very distressing experience as an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse in which she was faced with a patient who ultimately suffered a prolonged painful death. This lead her to begin thinking more deeply about death, what it means to die and ultimately what it means to be alive.

Penny Sartori 
Dr Penny Sartori

I had the opportunity to meet with her and discuss her case studies of near death experiencers during their close brushes with death, studies which offered great evidence in support of consciousness survival after death. From an individual who accurately described the scene in the emergency room despite having full sensory deprivation to a life long cerebral palsy sufferer who overnight had a miraculous recovery in the dexterity of their hand which should by all accounts be not possible.

Find our discussion below where we delve deep into Dr Sartori's story and try to uncover some very suggestive objective evidence that the Near Death Experience is more than simple (or more accurately, incredibly complex) brain chemistry. Her studies may be some of the most important in the field to date and certainly worth hearing!


Or visit us on our other profiles:

The Seeking I Facebook Group

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The Seeking I YouTube Channel

What Can we Learn from a New Death Experience? An Interview with Peter Panagore

A Brief Nature of the Near Death Experience

The near death experience is a subject of much controversy between experiencers, materialist-based science, and religion. Are they a phenomenon created by a dying brain under the effects of hypoxia? Or do they point to a genuine common experience of continued existence after death? Science tries to explain the former, but almost all first hand experiencers are convinced of the latter.

More information on the nature of these experiences can be found on our brief post on the out of body experience.

I myself have never had such an experience so I cannot fairly conclude either, but certainly the after effects of such a state are very profound indeed. The most common of these is the fact that the experiencer no longer have any fear of death, since they "know" that death is not what is commonly believed. I put "know" in quotation because from an outsider's perspective this knowledge is still only very much a belief until experienced oneself. Another side effect is the complete alteration or even total subversion of a pre-defined belief system. For instance, religious indoctrination will change from a passed on knowledge from teachers and peers to an experiential reality, but often in a most unorthodox nature which may be contrary to the general beliefs of the faith. Regardless of what you the reader believes, it is clear that this is a phenomena of extreme validity and importance in our culture as it may help unlock further knowledge of our nature.

Peter's Account

Reverend Peter Panagore is one such experiencer of this state of expanded awareness. Here is a discussion I had with him in regards to the understandings and viewpoints he has developed as a result of his amazing experience. As a practitioner of the christian faith, it is clear that Peter has been able to use his newly discovered knowledge to apply it to the foundation of the religion. To really dig deep into the metaphorical nature of the teachings of the Bible and prophets. Unlike many orthodox followers of religion, Peter has been able to understand the value in the original teachings as opposed to taking each quote in literal form, and has instead been very active in exploring and evaluating life from many perspectives.

Here is our discussion:

The Gateway Experience

The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute is a non-profit organisation which focuses on the research of human consciousness; its nature, it's origins and it's capability. Having dedicated many years into scientific and experiential research into the subject, the institute has developed a very strong reputation as one of the world leaders in its field. Founded by Robert Monroe, a long time out of body experiencer and a radio communications businessman turned consciousness explorer, the organisation created the "Gateway Voyage" program for those interested in adventuring deep into their nature beyond the reach of current scientific discovery. As this program was (and still is) reserved for those who are able to visit the institute itself for a several-day period, the "Gateway Experience" CD-set was developed for use at home to achieve the same goal.

You can find out more about the Monroe Institute here.


The Out of Body Experience

Of course, due to the nature of the organisation's processes, it hold's quite large amount of controversy on the legitimacy of it's processes. Much of modern science does not accept the implications of its research as it greatly goes beyond our current understandings of materialistic reductionism, and how consciousness and the brain interact. The current consensus states that our consciousness is an emergent feature of the brain,or put simply that the workings of the brain create consciousness itself. However, the findings and personal experiences taken (and still taking) place at the Monroe Institute suggest a very different model. That consciousness is separate from the physical body altogether, and that it can actually be separated during phenomena known as Out-Of-Body-Experiences, or more modernly "Astral Projection".

DMT Experience


You can find our last post on this topic here.

This is a difficult concept to grasp when looking at it from a purely logical point of view, applying our current knowledge intellectually, and you will ultimately come to the conclusion that the notion is impossible, ridiculous or at best pseudo scientific. Therefore, the only way it would seem to fully understand the phenomena in its entirety would be to attempt to undergo this exploration oneself. To not do so may be to miss out on a potentially groundbreaking, paradigm shifting experience. Unfortunately many of the members of our society are too firmly set in their beliefs to actually do so, and so will likely never begin to wonder beyond what we currently perceive as fact.

That's not the way I like to work however, when I hear about something like this, as well as hearing numerous reviews and statements from people who have undergone the "Gateway Voyage" or "Gateway Experience" programs, I get the intense curiosity to try out myself. I find otherwise I only have the choice as to whether to believe the testimonials or to dismiss them as illusions, and either option wouldn't satisfy me. So I purchased the full set of CDs (consisting of 6 "waves"), which cost me around £500: another cause of skepticism and belief of a scam, and have now begun working my way through Wave 1. As of yet, I have noticed no effect other than the ability to enter a deeply relaxed state, however it is early days and I have a lot of the program to look forward to.


Hemi-Sync Technology

If you are unfamiliar with Binaural Beats, they are a process used in many meditation soundtracks and hypnosis recordings and consist of one frequency played in one ear, and another frequency few hertz less (commonly 4 or 5 hz) than the first in the other ear. This difference in frequency correlates very closely to the frequency produced by the brain, and as such the brain begins to operate at the frequency of this difference, a process known as Frequency Following Response. During this function, allegedly both hemispheres of the brain begin to work together in perfect synchronicity to allow for hugely improved efficiency of information transfer, and the ability to experience different levels of consciousness. This was coined Hemispheric Synchronization, or Hemi-Sync by the institute.




The audio CDs created for the Gateway Experience consists of such frequencies played in both ears alongside various background sounds such as ocean surf, white and pink noise. Robert Monroe himself narrates and instructs the course as you go through, giving clear direction on how to progress through each exercise. Following this with the aid of the Hemi-Sync effect allows for one's consciousness to begin explore deeper aspects of itself. I personally cannot account for its effectiveness or authenticity at this stage as I am still very much on the early rungs of the ladder, however I am optimistic that the experiences I will hopefully undertake during the program will offer profound information.

My First Experience with Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual practice of energy healing originating from Japan which has recently gained a lot of popularity in the West as New-Age idealism has begun to dominate the world's cultures.

It is believed by practitioners of Reiki that the human being is comprised of the physical body, and a series of energy bodies which help maintain the health and general well being of the physical body. This view is certainly the most accepted theory amongst the spiritual community, and evidence gathered from esoteric practices such as Reiki, Yoga, Acupuncture seem to suggest that this may not be far from the truth.

The below video provides an interview I undertook with a teacher and practitioner or Reiki, Christine from UntieTheString.com. She has had much experience dealing with the entire energy body system, and has helped many of her students and patients learn to recharge and optimise the energies that govern their lives. From helping her own body recover more efficiently from damage caused from cancer, to assisting with the separation at the time of death for a terminally ill dog, Christine certainly has a great wealth of knowledge on the subject unlike myself, so I took the opportunity to learn more about Reiki from her, and certainly intent to attend a session of her's to learn even further.

Whether you are a believer of the energy body theory or not, this is certainly a very interesting interview and a great introduction to Reiki, what it is and how it works.

 My Experience

After conducting the interview with Christine, she kindly offered to give me an introductory Reiki session free of charge to assist me with my research in such things. I am a very strong advocate of learning by experience, and always being willing to try something that you perhaps are very skeptical of or don't believe in, to help confirm or challenge your current beliefs. Therefore, I shortly followed up on her offer and attended the session with her in early November. Christine has been a practitioner of Reiki for many years, and runs one to one sessions with her clients, as well as holding workshops in her area where she actually guides and teaches groups of people looking to learn the art themselves.

Energy healing and the general idea of Human beings possessing "Auras" or energy fields has always been something I've struggled to believe as there is really very little quantifiable evidence to back it up. Of course, such evidence does exist, but it is difficult to draw any conclusions. However, there is enough accounts from those who have undertaken Reiki and claimed positive affects that I jumped at the chance to have an experience myself and find out myself if there's anything to it.


The Experience

Before the session actually began, we had a quick chat about the basics and what to expect. Christine had prepared a glass of water for me as well as a raised table to lie down on for the duration, I removed my shoes, hopped up and lied down. I was offered a blanket as generally being covered gives most a sense of security and comfort as opposed to just lying down, however I mentioned that I'd rather not have this as I usually generate a lot of body heat anyway and didn't want to interrupt the session at all.


Untie The String Natural Healing



Christine made her way across the table, standing by my head and began tuning into the Reiki energy via a series of arm movements presumably to optimise the energy flow through her. This didn't take any longer than a few seconds to a minute or so. At this point I still had my eyes open as I was curious to see what would happen. As she brought her hands down over my head, the first thing that struck me was the very unnatural (for want of a better term) amount of heat that radiated from her open hands. It felt as if she had held her hands against a hot radiator for a while before, or had small heaters installed in her palms. Of course, many people do generate a lot of body heat naturally, myself being one of them, but this was beyond the normal amount. I had been told by other people who had previously had Reiki experiences elsewhere that they had also noticed this heat and had been completely shocked by the sensation. For this reason I was actively looking for this as it started, and I was certainly not disappointed. One could argue that this was a synthesized response due to my expectations, but to me this would be an unreasonable explanation as the radiant heat was certainly coming from an external source. If you have ever held your hands out to a radiator or heater, this was a very similar feeling to that, and certainly not a "brain trick" or any other such illusion.

Never the less, this thought did strike me, so from here I closed my eyes with the intention of attempting to locate the positions of her hands as she moved using just the sense of heat. She lifted her hands away from my forehead, and the heat decreased substantially. I initially felt this drop in temperature and opened my eyes to confirm that indeed her hands had moved away. I closed my eyes again and waited for the next step. With my eyes closed I felt the heat again begin to hit my ears and temples, and when I looked I found that Christine had indeed moved her hands to either side of my head. To me this was confirmation that the heat I was experiencing was not a response of expectation and in fact a genuine sensation. Of course, I cannot state definitively that Christine doesn't just generate that much heat from her hands all the time, but to me if she did it would mean that her body had some heat regulation issues.

She would first hover her hands over a particular area around my head and upper chakras (supposed energy centres in the crown, brow and throat), and follow by physically placing her hands on the areas. Again, it was very noticeable that her hands were certainly very warm beyond what I would class as "normal". As she moved down from my head to my chest, abdomen, and finally legs and feet, the heat would very easily permeate through my clothing. It felt as if each time she would put her hands on me, she was in fact placing a hot water bottle instead. I continued the practice of trying to identify where her hands were without sight, going by the feeling of heat alone, with very accurate results each time.


Other Sensations

Aside from the sensation of heat, I noticed that I was beginning to get quite a bad headache. As someone living with a generalised anxiety disorder, this was not surprising to me as being in an unfamiliar place, completely devoting my trust to somebody else and being totally vulnerable, one would fully expect an anxiety response. I don't believe this had anything to do with the "Reiki energy", but the usual anxiety I often experience. However one experience that did seem unusual which occurred as Christine was working on my legs was a very strange sensation of "bubbling" on both sides of my jaw. It's a difficult thing to explain but I think the word "bubbling" is as close as I can get. Again, this could have been a result of an initial slight sensation magnified by my attention to it, again with no relation to the Reiki. However this was a sensation I had never had noticeably before, so I am completely open to the possibility that there was something from the Reiki influencing this sensation.

These described sensations were pretty much all the unusual experiences I had during the session, and did not notice any clear benefits or feelings of calm in any part of the body affected. Of course, after one session I would not at all expect to do so. Reiki is something that generally takes multiple sessions and experiences to begin noticing substantial benefits to the body and mind, and to expect such outcomes after one hour would lead to an unfair conclusion. Once the session was completed, I sat up and was hit by a sensation of dizziness and heaviness throughout my whole body. It must be noted that for the past hour I had been lying down in an unfamiliar place with my eyes closed... so this was likely a result of the anxiety which had built up unconsciously during that time.



Although I did not immediately, or since the session, notice any substantial changes or improvements to my physical health or mindset (as mentioned earlier, to expect any results after a single session would be very unfair and unrealistic), the amount of heat Christine generated from her hands left me with substantial evidence that something indeed was at work. Many people see Reiki as an illogical, nonsensical practice with no concrete proof of effectiveness, which is a perfectly fair statement when looking at the theory of it. However, the sense of heat was a very real phenomenon which leads me to believe from my own experience that perhaps there is something more to it, and we should not put it down simply to a kind of placebo effect, at least without further experiences. I believe the next course of action for me to take would be to perhaps continue having sessions of Reiki and to note any changes to my life, body or mind that may result from it, or not so. Following this, I may further attempt to learn how to "channel the Reiki energy" to help push my understanding of it even further.

If you have never had a Reiki experience and/or are very skeptical or even outright disbelieving of such things, I would strongly advise that you at least try it out. In doing so you won't be losing anything, and may even be surprised by the results, and leave with something to challenge your beliefs, something to ponder.

If you are interested in finding out more about Reiki, you can find Christine at Untie The String Natural Healing, or contact any local practitioner near you.

Episode 66 - Dr Melvin Morse on Child NDEs, Remote Viewing and his Regretted Past Conviction

Listen to the Episode YouTube Counterpart You can find all other Seeking I online profiles at the  Seeking I Website In this episode, I spe...